Hiya! I’m Graeme. 
I’m a Designer and Creative Leader from New Zealand, located in the Bay area since 2016. 
I have over 14 years of industry experience helping organizations communicate authentic stories through graphic design, branding, and digital transformation. 
I am passionate and enthusiastic about everything creative - especially discovering patterns and creating brand systems, diving deep into websites to see how they work, and dipping my toes into the world of hand-drawn illustrations and type. I often find myself performing best where design and technology intersect. Most importantly, I love making a difference in the lives of others through design and using it to inspire change.
When I’m not using my creative skills to benefit others, you’ll find me channeling my creativity in the kitchen, hunting for shells with my wife and two young daughters at our local Santa Cruz beaches, or hiking through the redwoods in Henry Cowell.

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